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Mijikai Yama No Kami (kami)
Suteishii No Kazue of Yamabushi
Suteishii Kennels Kai Females
We carefully select our females for their structure, temperament, and drive.
We are very excited to announce the addition of Kami to our breeding/preservation program.  Kami brings some great genetic diversity as her mother was from a sire and dam in Japan.  Kami has an amazing personality and we are looking forward to having a lot of fun with her in the show ring.
This little girl is from our first litter of kai puppies.  She has an attitude to die for.  We look forward to having this little girl in the show ring soon to pick up where her mom left off.  Kazue is a super sweet girl and is a joy to have around.  She passes her sweet personality on to her pups.  Kazue has retired from breeding and will live out her retirement here with us.
Poetry in motion.
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