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Mijikai No Yamabushi Aiki Go

Suteishii Kennels Females
We plan each breeding carefully.  As a result we only have 1-2 litters per year.  Our main purpose for breeding is for breed preservation.  Each litter is carefully evaluated and those best fitting the breed standard are kept for breeding and showing.  We work closely with the other kai breeders in preserving the breed and promoting genetic diversity.  Do to this, we have a limited number of puppies out of each litter available to pet homes.  To start the process please go to our contact us page and fill out our puppy form.  We place puppies into pet homes based off our waiting list and the traits the family is looking for.  We take time to evaluate each puppy and match it with its ideal family based on the traits you tell us you are looking for.  
Emi is from our last Kazue X Ritsu litter.  This little girl is everything we strive for in our preservation program.  Beautiful structure and movement.  Emi knows no strangers and is super outgoing and friendly.  She is very bold and curious.  We are looking forward to getting this girl in the show ring soon.

All puppies are placed on a spay/neuter contract.  Select puppies can be placed into show/breeding homes.
We are very excited to have this beautiful little female as part of our preservation program.  She is a half sister to Kami and is KKA registered.  Aiki is at the smaller end of the standard for a female, but we just could not pass up on her structure and amazing personality.  Looking forward to her first litter of puppies.
Suteishii No Yamabushi Emi Go
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